Please, introduce yourselves.

We are Alessandro, David, Denis and Lukas. We are good friends since childhood
that now work together.

How and when did you found the studio? What was the main concept or focus behind it?

We first started by putting some of our early personal projects on tumblr and then decided to found an agency back in 2014 after we received more and more job requests. We really try to only work on projects we back up ourselves and which are fun to work on. We mostly work in fields like 3D, Graphic Design, Art-Direction and Merchandise.

What are your roles in the studio?

Nobody has a certain role in our agency. Everyone of us is working to get the job done no matter the subject. We always help each other out if someone got stuck with a project. We also discuss every step we take during the creative process so we make sure everyone of us is happy with the outcome.

Describe SUB in one word.


You run SUB as a creative studio and a brand at the same time, how this thing evolved?

We don’t really see ourselves as a brand. We are just a creative studio selling our own merchandise.

You are based in Mainz, not the typical german city that foreign people link to creativity. How is it like working there? What's the creative scene like and what feelings and influences do you perceive coming from your city?

The City itself isn´t quite a source of our inspiration. When we first started making design and digital art our inspiration came mostly through other artists we admired and knew through the internet. As we started to grow as a graphic studio we came in contact with lots of very talented people and made new friends with them - starting new projects with them and getting all kinds of new creative input. Being based in a small town is not a disadvantage at all. It helps you to focus on the things you really want to do and not being distracted. For us it's really important to exchange knowledge and ideas with friends and other artists to evolve and create new things. The internet makes it easy to stay in contact with the people we got to know on our way, and to get in contact with people whose work we like and want to get in touch with. It´s always a bit sad that most of the people think that creativity is something that goes hand in hand with urban life and larger cities only. Creativity can rise everywhere no matter the location. [As mentioned before] in Mainz there is little distraction from work and the things you really want to do, which is why we like staying here. Thanks to the internet it really becomes more and more unimportant where you are located. You can easily Skype and have a chat with Travis Scott, you don’t have to visit him in person.


In so little time you have already worked with many important brands and clients. How would you explain your success?

It may be sound like a standard answer but our success just came as we went on with our work - step by step from personal work to paid projects. We always try to make something unique that hasn´t been there yet while always staying true to ourselves and the things we like about design.

“Creativity can rise everywhere no matter the location.”

You do a lot of workshops and talks, what's the part of it that you like the most and why do you think it's important?

The talks maybe are a kind of advertising on the one hand, but we also think that through talks we are able to help especially young artists who want to set up a studio or business themselves. When we started our business we were still studying and didn't really have that much experience in the working world and had to figure out lots of things on our own. So we hope the experiences we made may be helpful fore someone, so that they won´t have to make the mistakes we made.


If there were no more sucuk and bratwurst in the world, what would you eat?

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Any future projects you can talk about?

There is more to come! Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram.

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